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Being a fan of lottery football is a tough status. On one hand, you are so into the topic that you cannot talk about the sports without involving the lottery. On the other hand, you always hit a seemingly invisible and persistent wall that obstructs your way to winning the bet big time.

You probably have suffered loss for a lot of time and that might cause you to think that you are just not that lucky to bring home the big win of the day. Well, did you know that while luck plays into the thing in a great way but only takes up a small percentage of the total odds?

Lottery is a game; it is a game that is based mostly on randomness more often than not. But if you were to look at it deeper within than you care to do for all this time, you would find that what you perceived as random is actually math in play.

Lottery, of any kinds, is something that is kind of a mix of both luck and math. Know the math behind the system and you increase the chance to win the cash. Before you complain that even after you go through the math all you get is an increased chance, realize that you have to factor in the luck as a variable in itself.

Only after you know the math but still lose it can you blame your luck. So, what do you have to do now? You’re reading this on and is where you can learn a few tricks to win it big time.

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We supply you with articles containing tips and tricks on how you can win your lottery football. At the very least we will guide you to finding the proper method that is sure to increase your odds in winning the lottery.

Tips on How to Choose Lottery Numbers
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Tips on How to Choose Lottery Numbers

Playing lottery is a pretty popular thing to do among so many people around the world. The most popular types of lottery is usually sport lottery, especially football. The jackpots are very tempting, but the chance of winning may be slim if you do not understand the tricks. In this article, we will give some suggestions on how to pick your lucky numbers.
Here are some tips to choose the best lottery numbers that you can follow, especially for beginners:
Choose numbers bigger than 31: based on Professor Adams, a statistician, choosing unpopular or unusual number can earn you more benefits on the prize. It is because unusual numbers are chosen by fewer people, thus if you win by this number, you do not have to share the prize to many parties. Professor Adams stated that most people tend to choose their birthday as the number, those, choosing number 31 will increase the chance of winning.
Choose the numbers that are overdue: another alternative is usually used is to choose numbers that havent come up for a while. This approach is based on a theory that if certain things have not happened for a while, then those things may be overdue.
Familiarize the frequencies of numbers and choose the most drawn numbers: choosing the numbers that often come up is also a great approach to increase your winning chances. A lot of organization are usually open to share the frequency of numbers. For instance, you are able to check the lotto stats of NSW.
Choose the same numbers if you regularly play: sticking to your own numbers can be a great trick to win a lottery, especially for a regular player. Richard Lustig, an expert in lotter, mention to ABC news that changing numbers is not recommended for a regular player that visiting Nontonfilm88. Lustig has won 7 seven lottery prizes and game, and he understands pretty well on how lottery works.
Let the computer decide: most of past winners let the computer decided most of big decisions. Some winners, according to data from Tatts Lotteries, have used randomization applications and software to decide which number they would choose.
Those are several tips that you can follow if you wish to join a football lottery, or other type of lottery available in your country. Other than luck, strategies do play a role in your chance of winning, so doing a thorough research would not hurt.

Top 7 Luckiest Americans Won the Lottery
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Top 7 Luckiest Americans Won the Lottery

Everyone wants to invest their money to the certain things like share, gold, or any other investment things. There are many investment choices you can take based on what you want. You just have to ensure that you choose the best one to help your future financial. However, some of you perhaps prefer to invest their money to the lottery.

There are many lotteries you can take but you should not that you need luck to win the lottery from thousands people who need it. Even if you need the luck for this kind of problems, there are some people in this world who won the lottery with the biggest numbers of it.

Do you know who they are? Well, you should know that there are 7 luckiest Americans who won the lottery and suddenly they become the millionaire because they got the largest prize ever. They are:
The winning ticket got up to $1.586 billion for three winning tickets on Jan 13th 2016. It was the biggest prizes on the lottery history.

The winners are Lisa and John Robinson in Tennessee, Mae and Marvin Acosta in California, and also David Kaltschmidt and Maureen Smith in Florida. They had the option of winning the $533 million before the taxes and got $327.8 million for the lump-sum payment.
The winning ticket got up to $656 million for three winning tickets on March 2012. The winners are anonymous in Maryland, The Tree Amigos, and also anonymous in Kansas. Even if they were using the anonymous, they still won the lottery too.

The winning ticket got up to $648 million for two winning tickets on December 2013. The winners are Steve Tran from California and Ira Curry from Georgia.

The winning ticket got up to $590.5 million for only one person. This was also became the biggest for American history because the lottery won for one person only. It happened on May 2013, the winner was Gloria Mackenzie in Florida. She preferred to receive the one-time payment for about $370 million before taxes.

The winning ticket got up to $587.5 million for two winning tickets on November 2012. The winners are Mark and Cindy Hill got the half jackpot and the rest of half is winning by Matthew Good in Arizona.

The winning ticket got up to $564.1 million for three winning tickets on Feb 11th 2015. The winners are coming from Puerto Rico, North Carolina, and Texas.

The winning ticket hot up to $484.4 million for three winning tickets on Aug 7th 2013. They winners are Paul White from Ham Lake Minnesota, The Ocean’s 16 group from Ocean Country in New Jersey, and Mario Scarnici from Monmouth Junction, New Jersey.

Those are the 7 luckiest Americans won the lottery and they don’t expect that they won it and had much money in their bank account now. Well, even if the lottery is not an investment thing, there are many people who try their luck to won the lottery and got the money on their hands.


Basic Knowledge of Online Football Wagers
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Basic Knowledge of Online Football Wagers

As one of the most popular sport in the world, purchasing lotteries or betting on the games becomes a popular activity among its fans. This betting is played by many people around the world, and a lot of reputable sportsbooks are going to provide wagers for many matches held by association football. You can read several basic knowledge of football lottery or betting in this article. If you maintain your discipline and pay a lot of attention to this hobby, you may be able to get a decent opportunity to earn a profit consistently.

There are several things that you need to pay attention before you start your betting in To make sure you gain some profit from this game instead of losing, you need to create some strategies. We have several advices for you on the following list below:

Gamble when sober: do not make any wager when you are drunk. You cannot think straight under alcohols influence and your decision in this state may lead to a huge loss on your side.
Stay away from cup matches: this type of match is too volatile, especially for amateur gambler, so make sure to stay away from it if possible. You should bet on matches from popular, high-level leagues, which have been happening for 5 weeks or more.

Control your lotteries: avoid betting on fifteen games at the same time. Limit your wagers to small number to prevent bigger potential losses. Three matches are the most you can bet at one time.
Move on: do not dwell on your past loss. Accept your loss and move on. You can try to double your bet up to break even.

Understand various types of gamble: this will be helpful and give you more option based on your needs. You should at least know how to differentiate between a lay bet and back bet.
Shopping for the best lines: for those who possess accounts at more than one sportsbooks, shopping for the best lines is suggested. So not take the very first line given to you without verifying the competition first.

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Manage and build your bankroll: having enough funds to create accounts on some leading sportsbooks is an important step to start betting. Make sure to separate this fund from those that you need to pay bills and eat.

After understanding all the tips mentioned on the previous paragraph, this is the time to create accounts. Some of the recommended betting sites for football are 888sport, bet365, and Betway. In 888sport, you can get 30 euros by betting only 10 euros, bet on various sports, and your safety is ensured. In bet365, you can enjoy many live streams, various betting options, and it has excellent reputation. Betway gives you up to 100 dollars bonus, various eSport options, and excellent user experience.

Those are some of the tips to start your betting and several recommended online football lottery sites. Do not forget to pay attention to all the tips to reduce your chance of losing and gain more profit.

Several Tricks to Try to Maximize Your Chance to Win the Lottery
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Several Tricks to Try to Maximize Your Chance to Win the Lottery

To ensure that you win the lottery, you may try to buy many tickets that presumably are enough for you to cover all of the possible combinations. Translated to the Lotto system, that would be equal to 45,057,474 tickets. When applied to EuroMillions and, that number would be similar to something like 139,838,160 lines. Now, it is entirely possible for you to afford that many tickets or lines but you need to be aware that this comes with a long queue behind you during your time in the newsagents. Some avid players have come up with some sort of formula that is used to increase their odds in winning jackpot throughout the decades.

Some of these formulas are based on science while some others are somewhat weird. So how should you choose the lottery number? To answer this question, you need to keep in mind that the number of ways to choose the lines of your lottery is abundant. Each and every one of these ways has its own benefits as well as disadvantages. You can choose to use some important dates to help you remember which lines you have played easily. However, this also means that you would not be able to win the jackpot should any numbers upward of 32 are drawn. This method is popular with players, so much so that chances are you are going to win the prize shared with fellow players.

You can form a syndicate agreement with fellow players such as co-workers or friends to play Lotto or This means that per draw, you are allowed to pay for an amount equivalent of one ticket. The benefit of using this method comes from the fact that you can play multiple lines all at the same time. If you win, you will have to share the prize with others under your syndicate. However, the number of cash you win might hit 9 figures so even after sharing the prize you are still a millionaire.

Lottery wheels are another method that suggest. The lottery wheels are capable of helping you by maximizing any win you achieve. However, if you fail to match three numbers at least, you would lose a lot. As such the lottery wheels are a risky bet especially if you don’t have enough funds to play the wheels. The Pyramid Plan is by no means scientific but the method can still be enjoyable as it is fun to use. Essentially, the method puts the emphasis on assigning numbers to letters.

You can choose your own name, your pet’s, or even perhaps your most favorite soccer team. Soul Path is the last method you can try to use when playing the lottery. The method stems from the belief of some players that dictates despite the number of lines they play, a soul number should always be included. How do you get this soul number? If you were born on February 10th, 1981 then you should add all those digits together, resulting in 31 (10+2+1+9+8+1). If the highest figure in the lottery is below that figure, add the two digits together (3+1) and that is your final soul number.